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Moderator's statement on Sargodha Incident

Sargodha Incident

Rev. Reuben Qamar, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan has denounced the attack on Christians in Sargodha, Pakistan. He further expressed that wounds of the tragic incident in Jaranwala last year were not healed and another sad incident of attack on Christians in Sargodha has happened over a false blasphemy charges, resulting in burning of houses of Christians, looting of their belongings and fear of more attacks on Church buildings. He added that such incidents give the impression that Minorities are unsafe and can be treated in the same way anywhere and anytime. According to him, the misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan is increasing and mostly used as a weapon merely for personal gain or resentment. During his Solidarity visit to the Mujahid Colony, Sargodha, and meeting the brother of the Victim and local Christian community he assured the victims the full support from the Church. Rev. Reuben Qamar also challenged the peace loving people throughout the country to support marginalized minorities in Pakistan, and stressed on the dire need of religious harmony through interfaith dialogues and peace making movements. While talking to the National Media Moderator demanded the Government to provide protection to the Minorities and take strict actions against the culprit, who falsely accused the innocent Christians for blasphemy against the Holy Book.

Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Pictures from the incident

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