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Leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan on interfaith Harmony with Islamic Scholars

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A Group Photo with Islamic Scholars

Presbyterian officials Rev. Amer A.D, Rev. Anoosh and Rev. Jamil Bhatti met Islamic Scholars. Concerns to increase harmony among religious faith were discused. Rev. Anoosh read Psalm 23 and shared importance of Christians in the history of Pakistan. Rev. Jamil showed his concerns on religious tolenernce. Rev.Amer A.D. discused the present issue of Christians in the Country, he discussed all circunstances and work of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan that is being done. He further coated recent event of Jaranwala.The Islamic leadership showed their interested and requested Presbyterian official to work together with them to teach people on tolerence and to live in harmony

Gujranwala: Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev. Anoosh reading Psalm 23

Molana Imran darvash talking on interfaith harmony


Rev. Amer AD discusing religious harmony

Molana paying tribute to Christian leadership

Rev. Jamil, Rev. Anoosh and Rev. Haroon Ajmal

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