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About Us

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is actively engaged in evangelism, education, health care, literacy, agriculture and social welfare. Evangelization is done by pastors, evangelists and lay workers and includes the spiritual nurture of the members of the church, church planting and growth, and the building of churches and parsonages.

The Presbyterian Church is also the initiator of theological education in Pakistan, through a seminary for candidates for the ministry and extension classes for lay people. Agricultural services focus on helping the peasants with techniques of production, preservation of seeds, fertilizers etc. Through its social welfare the church assists the needy, the sick, the disabled, the poor and oppressed. The PCP is also involved in human rights, especially women's rights, minorities and child labour. Its main priorities for the future are women, children, and youth ministries. The church wants to care especially for rural communities in order that they may also enjoy the abundant life in Christ.

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Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is pioneer in Pakistan to serve the community.

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