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Presbyterian Leaders Retreat

Presbyterian Leaders Retreat ended with an amazing learning and spirit-refreshing opportunity. we focused on learning the Biblical principle of leadership and the prayerful life of a leader. This Retreat took place from 3rd July to 6th July at Ghanool Valley in a beautiful and peaceful Northern area of Pakistan. This blessed and joyful event took place after so many years of divisions and suffering of the Pastors. The participants were giving thanks to the Lord for this opportunity and resources to hold this retreat. Dr. Kirk Director GlobalEd and Dr. Maqsood Kamil Director Areter Institute of Leadership were the facilitators. They took the sessions on "Leadership and Integral Character". The focus of this Retreat was to develop a prayerful life, aligning personal values, integrity, and ethics in the Pastoral ministry of Presbyterian Pastors. Rev. Reuben Qamar, Rev. Obaid khokhar, Rev. Hanook David, Rev. Samuel Titus, Rev. Munir Masih Phool, and Rev. Emric Joseph led the devotional and teaching sessions.