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Statement of Faith

The presbyterian Church of Pakistan, adopting the following as its confession of faith, to be subscribed by the ministers, probationers and elders, does not thereby reject the doctrinal standards of the parent churches, but on the contrary, commends them especially The West Minster Confession of Faith, and Confession and Canons of the Synod of Dort, the Heidelbery Confession and Catechism, Luther’s Statements of Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and that of the Lahore Church Council of the United Church in Pakistan, as worthy exponents of the Word of God, and as systems of doctrine to be taught in our church and seminaries.

1. There is but one God, and He alone is to be worshiped. He is a Spirit, Self-existent, Omnipotent yet distinct from all other Spirits and form all material things, infinite, eternal and unchangeable in His being, Wisdom, Power, Holiness, Justice, Goodness, Truth, and Love. In the God Head there are three persons, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, and these three are one God, The same in substance, equal in Power and Glory.

2. God revealed Himself in Creation to People’s hearts through the Holy Spirit and finally in Jesus Christ the incarnate word of God.

3. The Scripture of the Old and New Testament are the Word of God and the only infallible rule of the faith and duty.

4. Everything that was, is or shall be is according to God eternal and masterly plan either through command or through permissive will. He is no way author of Sin, He works all things according to council of His will, and they serve fulfillment of His wise and good purposes.

5. God created universe with all creatures in it. He also created humankind in his own image, gave them complete liberty to hold all things in their dominion.

6. God sustains all things through His sovereign will, and his providence is open to all creatures.

7. God created angels to carry out his will and to minister the believers, yet there are some evil angels who rebelled against God and still they oppose God’s will under the leadership of their head called Satan.

8. Adam and Eve were created without sin. But they fell into sin which thus entered the whole human race.

9. God in His love and mercy sent His only begotten Son to die for the salvation of humankind.

10. God chose a people in Christ before the foundation of the world, that they should be holy and without blemish before him in love, having foreordained them unto adoption as sons and daughters through Jesus Christ unto Himself,

11. God head has three persons, first is the father, equal in power and glory with the Son and the Holy spirit and is one with them. He is the father of all human beings.

12. Jesus Christ is the second person of Godhead and is the eternal son of the Father, became real man, born of Virgin Mary, has two natures, human and divine, is without sin, died for the salvation of the humankind , was buried and rose from the dead on the third day, appeared to many, ascended to heaven is reigning being seated on the right hand of God the father and is coming again for the judgement of this world.

13. The Holy Spirit is the third person of Godhead and proceeds from the Father and the Son makes humankind the partaker of Salvation, convincing them to their sin and misery, enlightening their minds in the knowledge of Christ, renewing their wills, persuading, and enabling them to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered to them in the Gospel, and working in them all fruits of righteousness.

14. Our Lord Jesus offered Himself voluntarily by the will of God the Father as atonement sacrifice for humankind, in which both the love and justice of God are revealed.

15. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the revelation of God’s grace for the sinners. Anyone who accepts the Gospel is saved.

16. Human beings are spiritually dead therefore they all need new birth or regeneration.

17. The saving faith is a gift from God and is essential for the salvation of humankind.

18. The essential result of saving faith is repentance which means to turn to God from sin and follow Him seriously.

19. The justification is by faith alone it is the judicial act of God through which He establishes new relationship with humankind in Christ and forgives them their sins and guilt.

20. The adoption is the act of God’s free grace which enables the believers to enter God’s promises and get inheritance.

21. The sanctification is essential for a believer to be perfect for God.

22. The believers are mystically united with their Lord Jesus Christ, and through this union they are able to bear fruit for Him.

23. Believers are predestined to be God’s people. If they fall in sin, through confession, forgiveness, and prayer, they to God again.

24. Believers get assurance of their salvation through the working of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

25. Believers are under God’s spiritual law which consists of the ten commandments, the ceremonial law is already completed for them. The spirit of God enables the believers to fulfill the spiritual law.

26. The Holy Scriptures are essential for all needs of the believers. To study scriptures, to hear or learn them is necessary for spiritual growth.

27. Prayer is an essential element for the fellowship with God, it consists of adoration, thanksgiving, confession of sins, petitions, and intercession.

28. God must be praised for His acts of Providence, redemption, creation, recreation, sustaining, protection and leading in everyday life.

29. Believers must keep Sunday as the Lord’s Day, leaving all private business, they must dedicate it for the working and service of God.

30. The sacraments instituted by Christ are baptism and the Holy Communion. The church needs to celebrate these sacraments till the second coming of Christ.

31. The woes are voluntary and must be kept by the believers.

32. The Church is universal and has the Orthodox faith. this inclusive, and God’s chosen people from all nations, places and ages have the right of membership in the Church.

33. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, all ecclesiastical, administration, discipline and government ought to be managed under his sole authority.

34. God has called some special people for his service in this world. It is essential for them that, being consecrated, they must fulfill their duties honestly.

35. All who believe in Christ Jesus as their personal saviour and Lord, need to enter the church fellowship for doing their part in it.

36. The state and government are from God, and for the good of the people they are responsible to God. The believers need to respect them.

37. The Christian family and marriage are divinely ordained institutions.

38. God in his eternal plan wants a society after the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ, a society free of evil and sin and full of deeds of righteousness.

39. The souls of believers become perfect in holiness yet remain separated from the body until the coming of Christ. This is the resurrection.

40. Our Lord Jesus Christ will come back on earth with power and glory and will reign.

41. At the time of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ all dead will be raised in body. This is the first resurrection.

42. A day will the day of the last judgement when Jesus Christ will judge nations of the world. The righteous will be freed and the wicked will be punished eternally.

43. After the last judgement, eternity will begin.

44. Being disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must try to extend His Kingdom on this earth through our Christian Service.

45. Along with these forty four doctrines, the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan also affirms the apostles creed (the clause “He descended into hell” is optional), the Nicene creed and the definition of the Athanasian creed.