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Meeting of Religious leaders on collective issues of Christianity

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Religious leaders of Presbyterian, Full Gospel Assemblies and Catholic Church gathered to discuss Religious Issues at St. Francis Xavier Parish Gujranwala.

Prebyterian Leaders Rev. Amer A.D. and Rev. Anoosh called upon to talk about collective religious issues of Christians in Pakistan.Catholic leadership Rev. Fr. Yousaf Yaqoob parish priest hosted meeting. Social activists and NGO were invited to discuss present issues of the Pakistani Church. Rev. Anoosh suggested to take practical steps for the development of the community. Rev. Amer A.D gave solutions based on experiences of congregations.

Gujranwala: Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev. Anoosh breifing about current issues

Rev. Amer A.D. talking on solution for issues with Rev. Fr. Yousaf Yaqoob.

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