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Three Presbyterian Churches burnt in Jaranwala

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Jaranwala Incident is reported by International media Aljazeera,BBC and many more

On 2023-08-16, a group of fundamentalists attacked 25 churches in Jaranwala region of Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan. A man announced that Christians have blasphemed against the Holy book of Muslims. He urged people to gather and protest against blasphemy in Christian’s town. People gathered and they robbed the houses of Christians and then burned the houses and church. It continued in the whole region and 25 churches and surrounded region was under attack. The mob continued to enter from city to villages and destroyed all Christian settlements that came on their way. This incident has left a significant impact on the local Christian community, not only in terms of their spiritual spaces but also their emotional well-being. Persecuted community is in shock. Their lives are distorted.

This incident has brought fear in the lives of persecuted community. Victims belong to villages and have spent their whole lives in building their homes. This incident has brought them on road. People had to flee in order to save their life. They along with their families spent night in open fields.

These churches were completly destroyed. Government has taken initiative to rebuiled. They are already in recontruction.

Officials of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan have taken initiatives to helpout our community. Our Pastors have visited the whole area and donated food and house hold Items.

All Churches of Presbyterian Church have came together to stand with their brothers and sisters in this hours of pain.

Gondlanwla Presbytery and Gujranwala Presbytery has donated utensil packages and cash grants.

Presbyteries from Gujranwala City travelled to Jaranwala to support .

Rev. Rizwan lead presbyteries to the affected area.

Presbyterian Officials together with Rev. Rizwan and Rev. Asma Rizwan.

Moderator Kamoke Presbytery Rev. Jamil Bhatti,Moderator Gondlanwal Presbytery Rev. Arif Chouhan and Director of Youth Rev. Amer A.D.

with Rev. Rizan and Asma at Presbyterian Church Essa Nagri Jaranwala.

Ditribution of Packages.

Moderator Gujranwala Presbytery Rev. Dilshad Aslam ,Executive Secretary Rev. Sheraz Sharif Alam, Vice Moderator Gujranwala Presbytery Rev. Nasir Minhas

put their endevours to manage this distribution.

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Rev. Rizwan Mal


Rev. Rizwan along with his wife Rev. Asma Rizwan are Pastors Installed in three Churches of Jaranwala. His grandfather former Pastor of Presbyterian church planted these churches, then his father shephered these Churches. He is third genereation of Pastors serving in these churches.

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